Saturday, January 17, 2009

Flea Market Find of the Week: Sailing Along

Due to the unprecedented find in the Greensboro Flea Market, The Vidalia is starting a new feature to showcase choice items found at area yard sales, flea markets, and thrift stores.

This beautiful piece of plaster artwork is currently stashed in a back room at the Greensboro Flea Market. Our editors uncovered it one Saturday after moving aside a box filled with mismatched limbs from multiple artificial Christmas trees to peruse a stack of artwork. This treasure ship was discovered hiding behind a framed “B.J. and the Bear” poster covered in bat guano. The artistic piece is rendered in mixed media, which include plaster of paris and magic marker. The talented, although unknown, artist plays with proportion on the ship, rendering it from starboard side and yet making the stern substantially larger than the bow. One can almost hear the canvas sails snapping in the breeze as they fill with the wind, which seems to be swirling about and coming from two directions, based on the aft sail. If you can find a frame to match this beauty, and surely you can, since we noticed a pile of them in the back corner under a pallet of peat moss, this item will be a welcome addition to any nautical-themed room. In fact, just as the editors were preparing to photograph the item, local shopper and retired gallery designer Kendall Burke wandered by and gasped with delight. He said, “Oh, goodness! If I hadn’t gotten rid of the sailor theme in my master bedroom, I could have hung this right over my rope-trimmed vanity! The rear spanker sail is to die for! I only wish I’d found this before I redecorated! Unfortunately, it doesn’t mesh with the Roman theme I just finished installing.”


Ansel said...

Fitting, perhaps, that the sail located at the beamy 'stern' of this buxom vessel is the 'spanker.'

ps - A 'bough' will hold a tire swing - the wave-breaker at the front of a ship is the 'bow.'

pps - The artist mixes his paint on a palette - this one is made of peat?

Marion said...

I have seen the subject of the "flea market find" and can say with certainty it is not made of peat. Rather, it is a rare variety of lithified sour cream. I am certain the medium is such a lactolith because I have compared it to a sample I recovered from my great uncle's defunct refrigerator which he has employed as a base for his indoor cistern prototype.